3con pro bono project to support the Nature Protection Federation (NABU Naturschutzbund Deutschland e.V.) of Germany in advancing the co-operation of boards.

With over 660,000 members and supporters, NABU is the oldest and largest German organisation for the protection of nature. Its inner organisation closely aligns with Germany’s federal structure, i.e. parallel to the national organisation, 15 federal state associations as well as its Bavarian partner association LBV attend the respective federal state governments. In addition to that, honorary campaigners organise themselves in about 2,000 local and regional groups. In a pro bono project, 3con supported a process to improve the co-operation of boards between the federal state divisions and the national organisation of NABU.


3con certified for balancing work and life for its employees

As one out of only 353 companies in Germany 3con has been certified for its efforts to balance out worklife and family life for its employees. The certificate follows a thorough auditing process by the initiative "Beruf und Familie" sponsored by the federal ministries for economics and for families and women's affairs. We are very proud to receive this certificate for the second time. For more information on the certificate check: http://www.berufundfamilie.de/


3con as guest at the btS at HU-Berlin

3con as guest at an event hosted by the life science students initiative btS on June 8 at the Humboldt University of Berlin. Ziad Mahayni, partner at 3con and Georgi Tadeus, consultant at 3con will speak about the major challenges the chemical industry is facing today. The talk will be followed by a joint discussion of a 3con case study. For further information and registration please see: https://lnkd.in/gSFvprQ https://lnkd.in/gqU9Dtb


3con at the Global ManuChem Strategies 2017

3con will host a workshop "Implementation of everything - overcoming the challenges of implementing operational improvement programs" at the Global ManuChem Strategies Conference in Berlin, March 20 & 21 2017. For more information and material on operatonal excellence and agile management for process industries check our webseite:



3con and permanIT launch

3con and the IT consulting company permanIT have tied their competencies together in the joint venture "Argos Consulting". Argos Consulting sets a particular focus on all kinds of topics concerning business-IT-alignment. A subject of growing importance with regard to the digital transformation of organizations. For more information check the website:



CHEManager Publication: Operational Excellence In Process Industries

In the January issue of the CHEManager 3con has published an articel on the challenges of operational excellence initiatives in process industries. The article summerizes our vast experience in this field and the results of a research work carried out in cooperation with the Mannheim Business School. You can read and download the article on the CHEManager-website:



3con "Zwischen den Welten"

Founding partner Gebhard Grimm visited the interdisciplinary PhD-seminar "Zwischen den Welten" at the Coburg University of Applied Sciences. He discussed what interdisciplinarity means when working as a strategic management consultant and gave interesting insights into his daily work. For more information check the university website: https://www.hs-coburg.de/news-detailseite/news/News/detail/strategieberater-zu-gast-im-doktoranden-seminar.html



3con for the second time in the squeaker-Ranking of the hidden champions in consulting

For the second time in a row 3con ist part of the squeaker.net-ranking of the top 30 hidden champions in consulting business. We are happy to achieve position no. 18 and to have surpassed quite a few much bigger and older consulting companies. For more information see:



Whitepaper: It's all about the people!

Our whitepaper on summarizing the results of our recent survey conducted in cooperation with MBA students of Mannheim Business School is available for download now.



Sales staff for consulting services wanted

We are looking for an experienced sales staff to help us to expand our business. Check out the job offering for more information.



Interview Optimedium: Transfer of industry experience to the health care sector

In an interview with Optimedium, a magazine of Optimedis AG, 3con partners Gebhard Grimm and Ingo Ammermann talk about similarities between optimization and change processes in the industry and the health care sector and how one could transfer proven methods and concepts to the latter. [Interview in German]



3con cooperation with Mannheim Business School

This summer 3con is undertaking a joint project together with MBA-students of the renowned Mannheim Business School. A team of four students will work on the subject „Deploying Operational Excellence in Process Manufacturing“ issued by 3con. The students will prepare the current state of research and carry out expert interviews with leading managers of the industry. 3con will coach the students in this undertaking and provide additional expertise and knowhow. We are very much looking forward to the results and wish the team all the best for this exciting undertaking.



3con to visit the Executive Lectures of Innsbruck University

3con shall visit the Executive Lectures of the Strategic Management Institute of Innsbruck University. Paul Bader, project manager, and Ziad Mahayni, partner at 3con, will deliver a speech on their experiences as corporate consultants to the students and scientists of the institute. The speech will take place on the 21st of April:



Update carbon footprint

For six years now, 3con creates internal statistics to account for the CO2 output produced. We are monitoring total 3con emissions as well as the emission per consultant. In the business year of 2014/2015, for the first time, we have not been able to reduce our CO2 output compared to the previous year. Total 3con emission grew about 15% compared to last year and is levelling off towards the magnitude of the long-term average. The growth in 2014/2015, on the one hand, was caused by specific projects: frequent assignments in Asia and in the USA necessitated more long-distance travels, which had to be absolved by plane. On the other hand, the individual behaviour of the employees contributed to the rise of greenhouse gas emissions, too. The car passenger rate and the railroad quota both decreased from last year’s top values so far. These two indicators, being independent from project necessities, will be in our focus in the current year. As always, 3con will compensate for its CO2 emissions in this year, too, by means of supporting an offsetting environmental project.


3con to participate in Girls’ Day 2016, again

After our participation in Girls’ day 2015, which arose from a spur-of-the-moment idea, was met by strong demand, 3con shall again participate in this year’s Girls‘ Day. People having daughters who always wanted to know what a corporate consultant does, and who like solving brainteasers, are invited to point this opportunity out to them.



Transfer of competency from 3con in a completely different way

Professor Storz and Dr. Ramachandran of Goethe University, Frankfurt am Main, are conducting a research project under the umbrella of the AFRASO programme. The project investigates the effectiveness of Japanese management methods – especially Kaizen – for improving the effectiveness and efficiency of African companies. In one test application, a transfer on Zambia’s furniture industry is at present being analysed and checked for verifiable improvements. 3con has been involved in the training design as an expert company for lean management methods. We are curious regarding which results the Frankfurt University will discover, and we wish all the best for this exciting endeavour.



3con at Mannheim Business School

On the 2nd of December, 3con was invited to a talk with participants of Mannheim Business School’s full-time MBA programme. We presented the specific challenges of chemical companies in Europe and discussed topical trends. In the following, during a case study involving the students, success factors and challenges for operational restructuring of a chemical site were discussed. Finally, it was networking time as well as time for some beverages and snacks. Some impressions of the event can be found on Mannheim Business School’s Facebook page:



New Job Offer: A Career for creative Analysts: Become a Management-Consultant at 3con

Company: 3con Management Consultants GmbH Location: Bonn, Deutschland



3con in squeaker’s ranking of medium-sized management consultancies

3con reached position 15 in squeaker’s ranking of medium-sized management consultancies, surpassing among others larger consultancies such as CTcon, h&z or Kienbaum Management Consultants:



Erfahrungsbericht zum Girls' Day bei 3con gewinnt einen Preis

3con hat sich am 23. April am Girls' Day beteiligt und war mit 10 motivierten Mädchen im Alter von 13-14 Jahren ausgebucht. Im Nachgang zum Girls' Day fand ein Wettbewerb statt, an dem sich alle Teilnehmerinnen (über 9.000) aller Veranstaltungen mit einem Erfahrungsbericht bewerben konnten. Wir freuen uns, dass eine Teilnehmerin an unserer Veranstaltung einen der 10 Hauptpreise gewonnen hat. Ihren Bericht über ihren Tag als Managementberaterin kann man nun auf der Webseite des Girls'Day lesen:



3con visiting the btS offices in Bochum and Aachen

In two events in June, 3con presented their work environment to the biotechnological student initiatives (btS) of Bochum and Aachen. After a short introduction to consulting in general, fundamental characteristics of the chemical industry were discussed. Building on those, the participants were invited to develop own approaches to optimize a chemical site. Afterwards, individual talks accompanied by snacks and beverages left time to learn more about management consulting and the possibility of joining 3con. We’d like to thank the btS for those two pre-eminently organised events, and the almost 100 participants for the inspiring discussions.


From bench to business

Franziska Knauf, project manager at 3con, arranged an interactive workshop at the BIO.NRW PhD Student Convention in Bielefeld, on 3rd and 4th of July, on the topic of “management consulting in the chemical industry”. The participants got to know the differences between a focussed consultancy and the big all-rounders. Using an example case, common reasoning on how to analyse and to restructure a chemical site took place. Afterwards, enquiries on joining and on chances of development were discussed. Further information on the event can be found here:



3con participates in Girls‘ Day 2015

The question of a daughter of a 3con employee regarding what her father is possibly doing the whole day long has motivated us to take part in the Girls’ Day 2015. This seemed all the more appropriate since management consulting is indeed a professional field where women are still underrepresented. Other curious daughters who want to know what a corporate consultant is doing the whole day long are cordially welcome. In order to apply, visit the Girls’ Day 2015 website:



3con improves its carbon footprint

For five years, 3con creates internal statistics on the CO2 output produced. Compared to last year, we were able to reduce emissions per employee by 12% in the business year 2013/2014. In the same time, we could double the share of climate-friendly business trips travelled e.g. by railroad instead of using the car. There are incentives for this such as e.g. a BahnCard First (railroad discount scheme) provided by the company which is also usable for private purposes. Furthermore, in this year, too, we shall compensate our yearly CO2 emissions by investing in a “myclimate” climate protection project.


3con distinguished by

3con has been rated with an average of 4.51 of 5 points on the assessment portal kununu by current and former employees. That’s why 3con has received the “Top-Company” seal by kununu. We are proud to be among the mere 6% of over 188,000 rated companies to be allowed to bear this title! Those who would like to know more about the assessment can take a look on kununu’s website. There, the benefits offered by the company are also rated from the point of view of the employees:



Dr. Ingo Ammermann new partner at 3con

Ingo Ammermann strengthens 3con’s circle of partners. Ingo is a biochemist by trade and climbed the ranks from consultant to project manager and partner after joining 3con. For our customers in the process industries, he has conducted numerous projects optimising operational and service frameworks and he has accompanied the sustainable implementation of changes on all levels, from top management to shop-floor. We are glad to welcome him now as a partner.



3con talk at Goethe University Frankfurt

Franziska Knauf, consultant at 3con, and Ziad Mahayni, partner, shall present a talk on the topic of chances for natural scientists in management consulting at Frankfurt’s university. The consulting market in general shall be described, and the options for optimisation of a chemical/pharmaceutical site shall be jointly discussed, using a real 3con project as an example. Ways to join 3con shall be explained, too. Further discussions and networking are possible afterwards, accompanied by beverages and snacks. The talk is taking place according to the invitation on behalf of btS Frankfurt. Time and place may be found using the following link:



New ways of co-operation between industry and logistics service providers

On 25th of September, a Bundesvereinigung Logistik (BVL) event took place at 3con’s offices, on the topic of “new ways of co-operation between industry and logistics service providers”. Representatives of both sides were present, who exchanged their views on possibilities of enhanced co-operation in changing discussion groups and in an agreeable atmosphere. According to their unanimous opinion, flexibility, reliability, and cost along the supply chain may be considerably improved using communication at an early stage as well as close co-ordination. Obstacles to implementation have been identified and ideas for a deeper understanding of the topics have been developed, which have now to be followed up.


3con talk at Cologne University

3con will provide insights into the professional field of management consulting during an interactive talk at the biotechnological student initiative (btS). The difference between a focussed consultancy and the big all-rounders will be explained. Furthermore, the peculiarities of the chemical industry will be discussed from 3con’s point of view, and we shall demonstrate how to analyse and to restructure a chemical production site. Afterwards, networking time is scheduled, including snacks and beverages. The event shall take place on Thursday, 11th of September, 18:30 to 20:00 o’clock, in lecture room 2/3 of the MPI für Biologie des Alterns, Joseph-Stelzmann-Straße 9b, in Cologne.


Get to know 3con? Network by means of our website!

In order to give potential candidates the opportunity to hear about the everyday schedule and the corporate culture of 3con, 3con offers networking and exchange facilities with employees by means of its website. Depending on the networks our employees are active in, they may be approached via Xing, Squeaker or LinkedIn:



3con certified as a family-friendly enterprise

3con successfully took part in the certification process “profession and family”, which is sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Families. On June 17th, the certificate was ceremonially awarded to the companies taking part. Of the 300 enterprises receiving the certificate this year, 3con is the only management consultancy. During the certification process, the existing measures for the advancement of family-friendliness and work-life balance were analysed; targets were set for further measures, which are now to be implemented. More information on the “profession and family” initiative can be found on



3con at BioContact in Heidelberg

Within the scope of BioContact, Heidelberg’s alumni event for doctoral candidates, Dr. Peter Nickel, project manager at 3con, will present an overview of the consulting business as well as his professional career after his graduation and how he found his way to 3con. The event takes place on 2nd of July at DKFZ (German Cancer Research Centre) in Heidelberg.


3con to provide keynote address at Maintain trade fair

3con shall deliver a keynote speech at this year’s Maintain, the international trade fair for industrial maintenance. In the “makers and markets” forum, Freek Bodemeijer and Marcus Heinrich will speak about the topic “change of paradigms – from maintenance service provider to operational excellence partner”. The talk will shed light on the essential points for the next step of development in the co-operation between operations and maintenance. More information on this here:



„Paths of life of a natural scientist“

Franziska Knauf, consultant at 3con, will represent 3con as a company during the seminar “Paths of life of a natural scientist” of the students’ association for promoting the natural sciences of Halle University. She will also present her own path of life after studies and graduation in biology to 3con Management Consultants. In doing so, she will also go into the application procedure and her further development in the company. The talk shall take place on Thursday, 24th of April, from 17:00 o’clock onwards in room 3.07 of Halle University, Von-Seckendorff-Platz 1, D-06120 Halle (Saale). Further information under



3con is a carbon-neutral company

Every year, 3con calculates its CO2 emissions caused by our business activities according to a certified procedure by the neutral organisation “myclimate”. In our case, the largest quantity of CO2 emitted is due to the numerous business trips by car, by train or by plane to our customers’ projects. We try to reduce these emissions by internal measures. Furthermore, each year we compensate for our CO2 emissions by supporting a “myclimate” climate protection project with an equivalent financial amount. This year, our support goes to an initiative that replaces polluting charcoal stoves with efficient solar cookers on the island of Madagascar. More information relating to that project here:



3con talk "Consulting in the Chemical Industry" at btS Heidelberg

3con will provide insights into the professional field of management consulting during an interactive talk at the biotechnological student initiative (btS) at Heidelberg. The difference between a focussed consultancy and the big all-rounders will be explained. Furthermore, the peculiarities of the chemical industry will be discussed from 3con’s point of view, and we shall demonstrate how to analyse and to restructure a chemical production site. Afterwards, networking time is scheduled, including snacks and beverages. The event takes place on Thursday, 27th of March, from 18:00 to 19:30 o’clock in seminar room K2 of the DKFZ communication centre. The btS, a nationwide students’ initiative acting on the interface to life science companies, asks for registration on its homepage:



3con team training "facilitation skills for expert advisors and consultants" open to other consultants

In this year, 3con will undertake a team training of about 10 consultants with Kommunikationslotsen (www.kommunikationslotsen.de), covering the topic of “facilitation skills for expert advisors and consultants”. The training has been specially developed for 3con, but is open to other consultants taking an interest in the subject matter. Further information on the training can be found here:



Third 3con dialogue: "learning surprisingly"

Under the heading “learning surprisingly”, guests from industry, science and culture gathered in Bonn on the 7th of November for the 3rd 3con dialogue in order to exchange personal experiences. The evening was framed by a performance of an improvisation actor, who shared his approach to topics such as candour and the readiness to learn from a situation or a counterpart with the participants. Feedback on the event was very positive from all participants, so that next year, there shall be another 3con dialogue for sure.


3con talk at “physicists in profession“ at Düsseldorf University

Dr. Ilia Louban, project manager at 3con, and Dr. Gebhard Grimm, partner at 3con, will present the field of activity of management consulting at Düsseldorf University. Physicists by trade themselves, they shall use a specific business case to give an insight into 3con’s mode of operation within the scope of the series of lectures “physicists in profession“. The event takes place on the 5th of July from 12:30 until 14:30 o’clock in lecture room 6G, building 26.11 on level 00 at Düsseldorf University.


3con at the young chemists’ forum of Stuttgart University

Dr. Andreas Jelonek, consultant at 3con, shall give a brief overview of the consulting market and then present 3con as a company at the young chemists’ forum of Stuttgart University. Lastly, he will describe his own way to 3con as well as the application procedure and his own development in the company. The talk shall take place on Friday, 5th of July 2013, at 15:00 o’clock in lecture room 55.02 of Stuttgart University, Pfaffenwaldring 55, D-70569 Stuttgart.