Ingo Ammermann lives and loves accompanying complex change processes.

Based on a fundamental understanding of the conceptual guiding principles, he consistently relies on a pragmatic and agile approach with a clear focus on implementation. His impatience, pragmatism and intuition for the respective contexts help him to secure success.

Ingo Ammermann was born in 1975. After studying biochemistry, he earned his doctorate in experimental virology at the interface of biochemistry and medicine. He took over the management of an international sustainability project in the textile supply chain for the largest European mail order group and after two years moved on to management consulting with 3con. In numerous assignments to optimize production and service structures in the chemical industry, he focused on supporting management in achieving sustainable implementation of change. As a partner since 2014, he has been successively developing the change management competence at 3con. Among other things, he relies on agile management methods, which he has applied both to "classic" organizational projects in the chemical industry as well as to pioneer projects in R&D and health care.

"Better start running and get wet feet than contemplating the weather for too long"

He lives with his family in Bonn and has been involved in nature conservation for many years in an honorary capacity.


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Dr. Ingo Ammermann


consulting focus:
Agile management in research & development, implementation and operationalization, change and transformation

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Agile Research & Development

Agile principles form a current trend. In their core, they constitute a transfer of lean management methods (known from the production context) to explorative activities; their first broad applications took place in software development.