Production is the COO's core area of responsibility and the focus of his attention. 3con regards all operational problems from the point of view of production as the actual medium of adding value. In doing so, we conceptually support practically all operational excellence topics that arise in production.

In production, the crucial hurdle for operational excellence measures is the implementation in everyday operations. That is why all projects have a special emphasis on the everyday operationalization.

Typical problems and showcase project topics

  • Deriving the production strategy and the resulting asset and maintenance strategies from the business strategy
  • Introducing, redefining or specifying of operational roles and responsibilities for the plant's management levels (plant manager to supervisor)
  • Optimizing shift systems
  • Harmonizing staff requirements and efforts regarding automation/smart factory projects
  • Introducing lean CIP structures
  • Executing programmes for frontloading CIP programmes with different emphases (volume, quality, cost, automation, energy, staffing)
  • Introducing elements of experience-based qualification (tutor-scholar concepts) in order to cope with demographical trends and increasing labour turnover
  • Developing, conceptualizing and operationalizing production structures across plants and/or business units


Production sites.

The process industry's assets are stationary. Thus, operational excellence not readily implies the option of relocation of operations, optimization first has to be done on-site. In doing so, two scenarios can be distinguished:

A "small" site, as such, has fewer levers to put synergies into effect. Here, topics such as a lean own organization, insourcing and outsourcing, and above all cooperation are pivotal.

"Big" sites are frequently multi-user sites. Being so, very different perspectives and levers arise, depending on whether the landlord (site owner), the operator and service provider, or the resident company are examined. In many cases, real or factual monopolies are present, which can only be worked on jointly.

Typical problems and showcase project topics

  • Developing site concepts for big and small sites from the points of view of owners, major users, minor users, and operators
  • Operational excellence at small production sites
  • Initiating cooperations between sites and municipalities
  • Initiating cooperations between sites
  • Insourcing and outsourcing of site-specific services
  • Elaborating optimization programmes for financial asset burdens and infrastructure investments
  • Treating control issues between central units and (small) sites
  • Siting management in times of operational over-capacities in Europe

Supply chain & logistics.

The right product, at the right place at the right time. With continously rising market and customer requirements regarding ability to deliver, flexibility, and cost, a capable supply chain is not only an efficiency driver, but also a driver for growth.

An optimal supply chain set-up is a sustainable characteristic for differentiation, but always requires a balance between customer value and profitability. Especially in globally active organizations, establishing planning and decision processes with fast reactions as well as a flexible production and logistics network remains a core challenge.

Typical problems and showcase project topics

  • Enquiring market and customer requirements and translating those to supply chain requirements (lead time, reliability, flexibility, cost)
  • Aligning production and logistics networks as well as production planning (MTO/MTS) to market and customer requirements
  • Adjusting service levels according to customer segmentation
  • Working capital management and stock reduction while safeguarding the ability to deliver
  • Designing and implementing an S&OP process across functions
  • Conceptualizing and implementing an outsourcing of logistics services (production logistics, 3PL)
  • Optimizing freight routes and reducing outbound and inbound freight cost

Research & development.

Research and development deliver a crucial contribution to the enterprises in Europe, which are dependent on innovation, to persist in the markets in the long run – if R&D projects deliver the required results on time and with the necessary reference to markets and customers.

All to often, however, R&D projects finish late and over budget, recognizably non-performing projects are stopped much too late, while at the same time, important and innovative approaches get stuck in the strict regime of gates, milestones, and business cases.

Typical problems and showcase project topics

  • How can a typical expert organization with its silo structure and specialist expertise be developed, step-by-step, towards more project-related teamwork, more orientation towards customer requirements, and faster decision-making?
  • How can the R&D "customer", who is internal to the corporation, be positioned more effectively as the decision-maker in the R&D process, without endangering the necessary diligence and the quality of the results?
  • How can orientation towards markets and customers be firmly anchored in the R&D organization's DNA, instead of further driving the bureaucracy with even more process steps, gates, and assessments?