Process optimization.

Optimal processes are waste-free, lean and fulfil a central goal: they create a visible and measurable value to the customer.

Frictionless processes across interfaces and a capable organizational structure are success factors for efficiency and effectiveness and the key to sustainable competitiveness.

We support our clients from slimming down single processes up to the set-up of whole process organizations across corporate borders.

  • Enquiring customer requirements and translating those to process requirements
  • Recording as-is processes and identifying improvement potentials by means of process analysis and value stream mapping
  • Visualizing the need for action to management as well as the line organization
  • Eliminating waste and redesigning processes by using the established methods of lean management
  • Designing lean, capable process organizations with clear roles and resonsibilities
  • Managing change and transformation

Organizational development.

In times of increasing volatility, agile and resilient organizational structures are critical to success. This is particularly so in production, where, depending on the market situation, initiatives in order to lower cost or to increase productivity have to take effect quickly.

There is a need for robust structures and clear guidelines for cooperation in order to implement strategic decisions immediately and on all levels.

We assist our clients with preparing new or existing units for topical and future challenges, and we recognize how to achieve targeted goals jointly with the employees.

  • Developing guidelines for organizational design according to topical and future market requirements and the demographical trend
  • Answering questions regarding functional vs. regional and central vs. decentral organizational structures
  • Tailoring areas of responsibility with adequate spans of control and clear distribution of tasks
  • Reducing complexity in management structures and eliminating bureaucracy
  • Adapting target systems and control mechanisms
  • Introducing new management structures and long-term monitoring of change and transformation processes in order to ensure implementation success
  • Installing systems for knowledge management and qualification

Operational excellence programmes.

A holistic and sustainable orientation of enterprises towards productivity increase necessitates a clearly structured programme that systematically addresses the essential value drivers of success. Appropriate control mechanisms allow for prioritization by management, so that the staff receives the necessary orientation. Long-term goals are reached step-by-step by means of measures which are annually re-determined. Those may include classical lean management activities in operations, but may also be a systematic reduction of asset downtime or the increase of customer satisfaction by process improvements at the interface of sales, supply chain and operations.

The key to success for comprehensive operational excellence programmes lies in operationalizing. That means adapting concepts and approaches to the specific tasks and general framework, so that they become manageable for individual plants and the workforce. This way, top-down targets become specific actions which finally yield measurable results.

We support our clients in setting up operational excellence programmes and we implement those programmes sustainably and with bottom line effect.

  • Developing a vision and defining comprehensive goals
  • Conceptualizing the comprehensive programme and its components
  • Operationalizing comprehensive goals and concepts to manageable measures for individual plants and the workforce
  • Setting up monitoring and controlling mechanisms, creating transparency on productivity improvements planned and achieved
  • Conceptualizing qualification and training programmes as well as a systematic knowledge management
  • Rollout and programme management


Once enterprises, sites or units come under pressure, resolute and determined action is needed. Parallel to short-term cost-cutting measures, it is essential to develop a sustainable perspective by means of an enduring enhancement of efficiency.

As a partner to the management, we assist our clients in successfully overcoming economic crises so that they emerge invigorated.

  • Setting up and accompanying holistic operational restructuring programmes
  • Quickly analysing production sites and identifying the specific levers and fields of action with the most effect
  • Identifying and assessing short-term, medium-term and long-term saving potentials
  • Strategically re-orienting production sites by focussing on sustainable core competencies
  • Actively supporting the management team during the restructuring phase by means of professional project and programme management



During focusing on core competencies, the outsourcing of services may be a meaningful strategy in order to reduce service cost and to turn fixed cost into variable cost. Conversely, a re-evaluation of critical know-how to be secured internally or the exploitation of synergy potentials across interfaces may necessitate insourcing.

In the former case, the design of a sustainably functioning outsourcing interface is critical to success. The interface allows for an effective control of the outsourcing partner by the client, all the while giving the service provider enough room to display his specific competencies. In the latter case, formerly external knowledge holders and other critical resources need to be identified and adequately integrated.

We assist our clients in performing insourcing and outsourcing processes successfully and sustainably.

  • Elaborating an insourcing or outsourcing concept, including interface design, future work processes, quantifying the required personnel changeover, and further organizational implications
  • Quantifying and contractually anchoring the monetary benefits
  • Controlling the tender process and parallel competitive negotiations with several potential outsourcing partners
  • Monitoring and moderating the process until the signing and the accompaniment of change management in the organization
  • Bringing in sprecific expertise and sectoral know-how in optimizing all relevant services (maintenance, engineering, logistics, analytics, site security etc.)