We specialize in operations management in the process industry.
Since the founding of 3con Management Consultants GmbH in 2002, we have been engaged in operations management and transformation in the process industry. To us, operational excellence means accurately fitting the alignment of all operational resources and value-creating processes to market requirements while utilizing all productivity and efficiency potentials - a vision that can be pursued, but never reached.

Our home is the chemical industry. From there, we have succesively expanded our industry expertise to associated sectors. Today, our client portfolio encompasses market-listed large conglomerates, medium-sized and family-led enterprises as well as companies in private equity ownership in the sectors chemical, energy, food, pharmaceutical, packaging, and technology.

We support our clients' management in developing and implementing market-driven operations strategies. Emphases of our work are restructuring and coping with increasing cost pressure and the future-oriented line-up and evolution of production sites, units and organizations in order to facilitate growth.

Services Areas of expertise
Process optimization Production
Organizational development Production-related services
Operational excellence programmes Production sites
Restructuring Supply chain & logistics
Insourcing/Outsourcing Research & development


Competence transfer.

We're evolving new fields of work by means of a directed competence transfer.

From our work with complex supply and service relations, we have gained, for example, deep methodical insights into the handling of monopoly positions. We transfer those to similar settings of tasks.

Healthcare: our transfer approach does not put the medical services themselves in the spotlight. Rather, we do transfer on the one hand our experiences in the control of demand, in the improved management of the rendering of services and in the design of the interaction of demand carrier and service providers. On the other hand, we bring along approaches proven in industry for the sustainable change of behaviour in grown, fragmented and complex multi-stakeholder systems.

Digital infrastructure: the operators of the infrastructure of the rapid digitization (cue 'Industrie 4.0' - smart factory) face the twofold challenge of increasing quickly and strongly the performance available and decreasing the cost at the same time. This task is impeded by the grown structure of organizations and networks. Together with a partner, 3con has developed an approach which holistically and dynamically addresses the tasks at hand (regarding organization, processes and technology), using accessible quick wins in order to realize long-term improvements.


Mode of operation.

We combine a management view with shop-floor credibility.

To create an appreciable added value for our clients requires excellent conception and implementation. We combine the ability to deal with topics and questions specific to operations from a management point of view with the operationalizing of solutions down to shop-floor level. True to our principle of connection - conception - conversion, we find the right connections, design concepts specific to each case, and ensure a sustainable conversion.

We give professional input to specific problems, and we support management as its power amplifier during transformation, without reservation. We are proficient with Powerpoint, but our true strength shows in workshops and roundtable discussions on all levels of hierarchy. Here, concepts become palpable and change gets real.

We like to work in mixed teams, closely co-operating with our client's employees. A trusting and long-term collaboration means a lot to us, and we like to accompany our clients in their function as programme managers during their development towards operational excellence.




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Dr. Ziad Mahayni