Character needs no stencil.


We remain one of a kind. We are looking for authentic minds.
We look at problems from different perspectives, together with genuine personalities with creative and analytical skills. Only in this way can we find solutions which will last in the long run. Consequently, your colleagues at 3con will come from different academic backgrounds ranging from science over economics to humanities, and will have eclectic cultural backgrounds. The interaction between these genuine personalities is the base for our stimulating and effective work atmosphere, in which collegiality and team spirit dominate. 

We offer opportunities for development
Co-operation within the team is facilitated by our company hierarchy, which is deliberately kept flat. 3con has neither a strict ‘up or out' policy, nor incremental promotions in a multi-layered hierarchy. The direct transfer of experience from partners to project managers and consultants offers a steep learning curve and the best personal development possible. We see ourselves as a ‘consultancy for adults', as we believe that challenging projects require mature personalities. As a consequence, we value a balanced work-life rapport: while we focus on the result, we work unagitatedly and without night-time team meetings. This, too, is characteristic of us.


Claim and reality match at 3con. This can be seen on kununu, the web portal for evaluation of employers. We are proud to be entitled by our current employees and alumni to be labelled "Top-Company".

Our minimum requirements: Intellect, creativity, pragmatism.


We are looking for colleagues who combine the highest intellectual ability and creativity with practicality and pragmatism. They should be mentally flexible, have strong analytical skills, and the motivation as well as the ability to quickly familiarise themselves with complex contexts. If you also enjoy solving problems and developing new models in a team, and know how to be professional as well as authentic, you have what it takes to start successfully with 3con.

As formal qualifications, we expect A-level grades, an excellent university degree and additional qualifications such as either a doctorate, an MBA or some professional or internship experience in industry or management consulting. You should have acquired your language skills, in particular fluent business German and English, by studying or working abroad. Despite a slight emphasis on natural science, we are open to all disciplines.

Project manager
If you want to apply as a project manager, you should already have several years of consulting experience or have occupied a leading position in one of the industries relevant to 3con. You confidently lead teams and have excellent skills in the areas of problem-solving, project management and communication. You embrace responsibility and are accustomed to working independently. Internally as well as externally you act with collegiality, objectivity and professionalism.

Top Management Consulting: down to earth meets highest standards of achievement and performance.


What you will find.
The challenging environment in a top management consultancy with the highest standards of performance - both internally and externally - is a given. We are a company that has kept both feet on the ground while at the same time growing organically. Because of our focus and our experience in dealing with the central problems of our customers, we are able to deliver real added value.
 As an employee of 3con you are part of a powerful team. You have plenty of opportunities for development, provided you show self-motivation and commitment. We offer an inspirational and at the same time highly professional environment with the opportunity and the obligation to excel personally. We offer support, but no safety net. You are given free rein, but no ‘hiding place'. On the individual development paths to consultant, project manager, and partner, you can and must define and find your own place in the team.

The project work
You will gain project experience in strategy and implementation projects with a typical duration of three to twelve months. The work is characterised by an absence of repetitive, routine tasks. Your commitment will lead you on a steep learning curve, which builds upon diverse and challenging tasks. The project work usually takes place at the client's own site and is performed by teams with a typical size of two to six consultants. Due to our flexible and decentralised way of working, you may live where you choose, as long as you are willing to travel for work. 

Work-life balance
If not only partners, but also consultants and project managers, are engaged in their private and family lives as well, a frequently expressed aspiration becomes actual, practiced reality. 3con's performance is always and without exception to the highest standard - but in an unagitated atmosphere and without midnight team meetings and weekend work. Management consultancy is and remains a demanding profession - keeping that in mind, we encourage voluntary and charity work and strive to be compatible with family life wherever possible. To ensure that this claim comes along with concrete measures we are frequently certified by the initiative “Beruf und Familie” which is co-sponsored by the German Federal Ministry of Family.


If you feel you would fit in, we would be pleased to get to know you. You can send us your complete application documents via mail or e-mail.

For further inquiries please contact:

Ms. Britta Jonas-Wichmann
3con Management Consultants GmbH
Friedrich-Ebert-Strasse 17
D-53177 Bonn

Phone +49 228 74886-0

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