We focus on innovation and transformation of operations and organizations

Formidable challenges arise for industry enterprises in today's volatile, complex and ever-changing world. Change becomes a permanent task. We are specialists for designing and accompanying profound change processes. Together with our clients, we deal with the important management problems of our time: we prepare companies for a future marked by continuous change in markets and technologies. We identify the opportunities of digitisation and make them palpable, we develop new, innovative business models and offerings, or we detect and raise hidden potentials for efficiency in value chains. We focus on industrial enterprises, and we have particular experiences in the chemical and process industry branches. However, our competency to change organisations is also asked for in other areas, e.g. by international sports federations or in the health sector. Our expertise falls into three closely interwoven categories:

Business Design & Innovation

Innovation processes, digitisation & smart factories ('Industrie 4.0'), business model development, new business building, intrapreneurship, start-up co-operations

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Organisations & Processes

Process design and optimisation, management systems, lean & agile, organisation development, operational excellence, insourcing and outsourcing, joint venture design

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Transformation & Change

Facilitation and moderation of change processes and integrative projekt work, leadership coaching, stakeholder management and communication

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3con insight

Drive Innovation.

In many sectors, companies are facing increasing competitiveness due to new external competitors, changing customer needs and disruptive business models.

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Maintenance 4.0: Digitization delivered

In the thicket of apparently endless digital trends, finding the right and measurable way to create added value for your company is difficult. For maintenance service providers, Virtual Enhanced Maintenance solutions are the fastest way to achieve significant improvements in quality and costs.

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Digital Roadmap for Sports Associations.

The sports industry as a growing multimillion high-impact sector is highly affected by digitization. Sports is data and sport information is shared faster and more extensively than ever before. Also, fans, sponsors, the media and other stakeholders increasingly demand for digital tools.

Digital Transformation Playbook

The "Digital Transformation Playbook" innovation and digitization managers serves as a source of inspiration for the hands-on design of a co-creative and integrative digital transformation process: enable and motivate your organization to actively shape digital change.

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Professionalization of Association Structures

Sports associations must find and implement innovation in events and formats, professionalize their organization and develop their leadership and good governance today in order to survive in tomorrow's environment.

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When Experience Retires

The crucial qualification for employees in process industry operations is their asset-specific and site-specific experience.

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Agile Research & Development

Agile principles form a current trend. In their core, they constitute a transfer of lean management methods (known from the production context) to explorative activities; their first broad applications took place in software development.

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Optimizing Small Production Sites

Capable and efficient operations are a critical success factor, not only for global players in the chemical and process industries.